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I put together a Assfactor 4 selection a long time ago, but after recently playing it i recognized it desired an enormous update (it was crap). He tries to take revenge for what's happened between him and Lord before time starts thin only means he may mock God will be to damage Their PEOPLE (US)hence he interefere inside the audio business and seized all-the prosperous and many potent people on the planet because he considers the only method to rule all Gods people is to use CASH and STRENGTH.

Every mainstream music video has got the ILLUMINATI image in, all of the lyrics are at ruining not just Christian targeted but all sort of great morales. Rihanna is showing children to dress just like a slut and destroy and drink in hip hop charts along side RnB jay-z lil John and anyone. The way he merged his impacts (grindcore, hiphop, steel, classicrock/psychedelia, hardcore...), he produced something new, anything unprecedented, & most notably something incredible.

The music world WOn't produce this type of skill of that I am certain. Thirty songs (really nearer to 30 should you depend the intros and outros by his hip-hop outfits Reduce Dwellaz and Shadow People) spanning approximately several artists. If any group s want their music eliminated please contact me or leave a comment and that I 'll erase it immediately. Please get the music and help the bands if anything listed here is accessible. Natural Law certainly are a hardcore group from all over the East Coast (Newyork, Newjersey, Maine, and New Hampshire).